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RPT is the exclusive national distributor for a suite of software products which support and enhance operations support systems (OSS's) running on Stratus VOS computers. Utilizing these products enhances the system administrator's ability to monitor and manage the VOS hardware and software environment.
VOS Essentials, also known as Stratus Productivity System (SPS), is a suite of software solutions designed and customized based on customer specific requirements. VOS Essentials features alert management, scheduling, resource and performance management, access control and provides 24X7 automated monitoring.
VOS Consoleis a comprehensive set of web-based monitoring utilities for Stratus/VOS. VOS Console provides an interface to performance data, alert management, real-time graphs, reports and much more. Managing and monitoring the Stratus/VOS environment has never been easier when utilizing VOS Console.
Data Base Query Report Writer (DBQ)is a multi-user, multi-tasking software product that allows users to access all VOS files via SQL commands. DBQ enables users to query, update, delete and produce reports from any files on Stratus systems without programming. DBQ can be purchased as a stand alone product or as a piece part of the VOS Essentials suite. 
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